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Tina Steffenakk Hermansen designs clothes and accessories under her own initials, TSH.
She has her background from fashion University Esmod, and both studied and worked in Paris.
Since establishing her own clothing label in 2004 TSH has become one of the most respected and fashion forward brands in Norway.
In addition to producing two prêt-â-porter collections a year,
TSH spesialise in made-to-measure occasion wear and bridal dresses.
Known for making the perfect fit. Tina also have an exceptional eye for making a design stand out in an elegant way.
Using the finest and most unique qualities on the marked,
lace, pearls, brocades, and embrodery, she creates exceptional one-of-a-kind couture pieces.
The designs are created and sold in atelier and showroom at Frogner in Oslo, but has also awoke international interest and make success in both
Copenhagen, London, New York, Paris and Japan.
”I adore creating dreams. One-of-a-kind pieces of exclusive qualities with unique details.”

-Tina Steffenakk Hermansen-


Wedding Dresses according to YOUR Wishes!

Tina Steffenakk Hermansen

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